2020 Calendar Release Date!

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Hello all, 

I hope you had a magical Halloween/Samhain, Happy November!

I am so excited to announce the release date of our 2020 Calendar collection; Wednesday Nov. 6th at 9am PST.


This year we are offering FOUR different calendars; the much anticipated Advent Calendar, our classic twelve-month calendar (this year it's Nature themed!), a 2020 Moon Calendar and our 2020 Harvest Calendar (the same design as last year's tea towel calendar*, but letterpress printed). 

Please note that the Nature Calendars will not ship until mid November! If you order both a Nature Calendar and another item, your items will ship separately at no extra cost to you. Bison is working as hard as they can to get everything made quickly!

Also going up in the shop on Wednesday, are holiday cards! Solstice, Hanukkah and NEW Christmas cards will all be going online! 

I am so, so excited to share this year's holiday collection with Bison Bookbinding & Letterpress with you. Bison and I have worked so incredibly hard on each of these pieces, and I think they are our best, most beautiful yet. 

Stay tuned for more updates about other product releasing in November, including: Lady Winter prints & cards, as well as other wintery Taproot prints, Growth Chart & coloring book restocks, and Yuletide Wall Hangings! 

Thank you!



*For those who have been asking, no, unfortunately we won't be making a tea towel calendar this year. For the last few years, Bison has been making a letterpressed version of my previous year's tea towel design as an at-a-glance calendar print. But I'd like to catch up and make it so that their at-a-glance and my tea towel are the same design the same year, which means I need to skip a year. PLUS, I've had my hands full with other projects this year. There WILL be a 2021 tea towel calendar next year.

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  • Susan Cerridwen on

    Same question as above. Can I buy a print of Lady Winter? Love your work!

  • Sarah Martens on

    If , for whatever reason, something changes, and you have any more wall calendars to sell, I’d be very interested in buying one! Thanks :)

  • Kathy on

    Can you buy prints of Lady Winter? Thank you

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