And just like that...

photo by Demetria Provatas

WOW! In record time, all the mugs have sold out. Gnomes took a shocking SIX MINUTES and Owls took twelve. Ho-lyyy shit. 

I'm so flabbergasted, thank you everyone so much who ordered! This was totally next level enthusiasm.

I'm so sorry for those of you who didn't snag a mug. There seems to be a lot of frustration floating around about the limited stock, and about the fact that mugs were being sold right out of people's carts, in the time it took them to input their payment information. I contacted Shopify about this problem the last time it was an issue, and they informed there isn't a way to fix it, it's just how their checkout system works. I'm so sorry for the stress this caused. 

As for the frustration about the limited stock-- all I can say is that I'm trying, and learning, and constantly trying to figure out how to both satiate the growing desire for my products and remain financially stable. Every time I place a new order of enamel mugs, I order more than the time before. This time, there was more than ever. I also sold to more retailers than ever. I felt more prepared, more on top of things than ever-- and yet, the learning curve of owning a business is steep, and there are still plenty of ways to improve. I'm so grateful for everyone's patience as I continue figure out the best and most functional ways to get my designs out into the world! 

I will be re-stocking these designs. It's CLEAR that there is desire, and I'd be foolish not to give the people what they want :)

Thank you so much everyone for your enthusiasm, support and patience.

Don't forget to check my stockists page (the links have been fixed) to see if the mugs will be in any stores near you. Australia based Spiral Garden will be selling a limited online for those down under who want to save on shipping!  


I WILL have some mugs with me at Short Run Seattle on November 4th, 2017

I will also be having a SECONDS SALE on December 1st at Bison Bookbinding & Letterpress in Bellingham, WA. 


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  • Ashley Haywood on

    I am so sad that I did not get a mug but more importantly I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU way to go rockstart. I met you on Mt Tabor with Amanda Soule and i have been a big fan of your work from one state down in Oregon. :) I am going to stalk your website because I want both mugs and water bottles :) I will get rid of all the water bottles and mugs in my house to have those :) so so happy for you. keep on keeping on rocker you are a business savy goddess!!!! from one small business owner to another.

  • Laurel Carnahan on

    These are so adorable! Congrats on such an amazingly fast sell!

    Is pre-ordering a possibility?

  • Vicki Chaney on

    Ol’ drama mamas need mugs too! I’m a world away and long to drink tea out of your mug. Make more sweetheart, if it brings you joy in doing so. And my goodness how proud and happy I am of you…sending love.

  • mB on

    Thank you (in advance) re: restocking the gnomes mugs! I, too, had mugs in my cart, and while I was filling in payment info, they disappeared (i.e. they sold out). I will look forward to further info re: restocking (no hurry… I’m just happy to know there will be another production run sometime in the future).
    Thank you for the beautiful work you bring to the world —

  • Jodi on

    I’m so bummed! Had it on my calendar too, but got to it too late. Can’t wait to have one someday!! ?

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