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Hello everyone, 

Before I make an exciting announcement..., I just want to remind you that our shop will close for its routine holiday break December 16th at 9pm, re-opening January 2nd. 

We will be in the studio shipping out all our remaining orders and responding to customer service emails until December 19th. After the 19th, we will not be responding to customer service emails until we re-open on January 2nd, when we'll be happy to assist you with any questions or issues you had during our break.

Now for the fun stuff!

We have been receiving a number of questions about IF and WHEN our enamel kettles will be hitting the shop. We still don't have our full inventory, but we have decided after much deliberation to release what we DO have, so that at least a few of you can snag one before the holidays. Since we don't have any time to waste before our shop closes Sunday, we will be releasing the kettles TONIGHT (12/13/18) at 6pm PST. 

A few things to note about the kettles:

-They stand 9" high, and the are 3.75" wide at the top. They hold 6 cups (48 fl. ounces) 

-Kettles, like mugs are dishwasher and stovetop safe. Please note they will get HOT if you're using them on a stovetop or filling them with hot water. Please use mitts or potholders. 

-Since this is less than half of our full inventory, there is a very limited quantity. We are expecting these to sell out very quickly. We will have more in the New Year when we receive the rest of our stock. 

-As with all our enamelware, they are handmade objects. This means they are not perfect. Small bubbles, bumps and spots are par for the course. 

-If you order multiple items along with your kettle, the kettle will ship separately because of it's shape and size. We will split up your items by what we can ship together. This will not cost you any extra in shipping. 

-If you are buying a Meadow Kettle and Meadow Mug together, you can enter the code MEADOWSET at checkout to receive 10% off.


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