Jewelry is BACK...!

I am so excited to announce that our Fall 2019 collaboration with jewelry maker Mackenzie Becker will open for pre-orders this SATURDAY! That is 10/19/19, at 9am PST. It will include both brass asked for it; SILVER earrings, as well as pendant necklaces in both metals.  

Some things to note about the pre-order:

-The window to order will CLOSE on THURSDAY 10/24 at 9am

-This will be an unlimited pre-order. This means that there will be NO CAP on the quantities that can be ordered. So this is your chance to go wild! And if you can't swing it right now, have no fear, we will be ordering stock for our shop as well. 

-Because each piece is handmade, and because there might be QUITE a few orders placed, the lead time on this pre-order may be long. We will get an ETA from Mackenzie when we place our order on 10/24, and will keep you posted with any updates. 

-Once the pieces have been made, Mackenzie will ship them to us in batches. What batch you're in will be determined by when you placed your order, we will be shipping chronologically. 

-Because of the cost of the raw materials, please note that silver pieces will be quite a bit more expensive than brass pieces. For example, a Sun earring set will be $64 in brass, and $128 in silver. 

Please email us at with any questions! 



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  • TOdd on

    My friend pointed me your direction for some Lady Earrings— they are amazing and would like to buy a pair for my wife.

  • Jodie Brisbin on

    Hi Phoebe,
    May I please pre-order a silver sun necklace? 🌞
    Thank you!

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