Mugs are LIVE!

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Photo ©Demetria Provatas 2018

Good morning, everyone! 

I'm so excited to announce that Spring 2018 mugs are now LIVE in the shop! I am expecting these to sell out FAST, so may the odds be ever in your favor...! 

Please be aware that because we're expecting a high volume of orders, it may take longer than usual for your mugs to ship.

I'm also thrilled that as well as Night Owls, Gnomes and Flower Fairy enamel mugs, some limited edition Flower Fairy water bottles made in collaboration with Liberty Bottles will also be available! 




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  • Nicole on

    I am returning my Night Owl mug (brand new- unused) so there will be one in stock at least! I’m hoping to find a gnome mug at one of the carrier stores instead :)

  • Jen on

    Is there any chance the Gnome and Owl mugs will be coming back into stock or did I miss my chance?

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