Nature Calendar Update

2020 Calendar Bison Bookbinding & Letterpress news update

Hello everyone! We know that the Nature Calendars people have ordered are taking a little longer than expected, our apologies for the delay. As a small business, working with another very small business to get these products made, we really appreciate it. Your calendars are in production right now, tomorrow 11/27. The reason they haven't been finished sooner, is that we needed to prioritize finishing the Advent calendars first, since people need them by December 1st. And believe it or not, there is only one person on one printing press making ALL your holiday cards, calendars and earring tags. Your patience is greatly appreciated! 

I visited Kevin and Carly at Bison Bookbinding & Letterpress at their print shop in downtown Bellingham yesterday to get a behind-the-scenes look at how Nature Calendar production is coming along.

Stacks of calendar pages ready to be printed. The yellow sheets are the plates, which get inked up and pressed to make each print. 

Every time I visit Bison I’m in awe of how hard they work and the level of attention and precision they put into their products. There are over 4000 sheets of paper going into my order, each one gets goes through the press 4 times, since every color in the calendar's illustrations is printed on a separate plate. Kevin meticulously oversees printing to make sure each color is perfectly registered on the paper, and is matching up with its Pantone. 

Kevin, the printer checking color and registration (how the image is lined up on the paper, and with each other color).

Once all 4 colors have been printed on each page,  they're trimmed to final size and die-cut to accommodate the coil binding. They're then assembled and packaged by hand by Bison's small family team, then picked up by me or one of my employees, taken to our headquarters and shipped out to you. 


If you'd like to see some videos of the printing presses hard at work printing your calendars, head over to my instagram stories

Thank you so much again for your patience. I want to personally apologize for not offering a more realistic expectation of how soon the 2020 Nature Calendars would be finished. In retrospect, I should have called them a "pre-order" item in their listing, but at the time, it didn't feel necessary. I really appreciate you bearing with me on this never-ending learning curve of small business ownership! Every year I feel like expectations, production, employees and shipping is being managed with more ease than the last, but there is still so much to fine-tune, and with new growth come new challenges. So thank you. I know you are eager to receive your calendars, and we are so excited to share them with you when they're finished, they are our most beautiful, detailed calendars yet. 



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  • Christine on

    I really want to buy a calendar. Is that possible?

  • Linda POst on

    I’d like to buy a calendar please

  • Maggie Doten on

    I would love to purchase one of your lovely calendars! Will there be another restock of them? ❤️

  • Maria Godinez on

    Hello, I am local and would love to buy an Advent calendar from you. I love the mushrooms family one and would love to know if you have more available,
    Thank you.

  • Hilary on

    I’d also love to order one, even if it’s available in January! ♥️

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