New year, new space!

2019 brick & mortar news

Hello all, and a belated Happy New Year! 

As you probably noticed, our shop is back open for the 2019 but with a very limited inventory. Currently only the 2019 calendars we have left in stock, Zodiac Birthday calendars and older notecards are available. This is because we are currently transitioning into a new studio space! This means that our old space isn't at its most functional, and we have decided to devote our time to working as hard on preparing & moving into the new space so that once full inventory is listed, we can ship it to you as smoothly as possible. 


Our new headquarters will be located at 1051 N. State St., here in Bellingham, WA! Many locals may know it as the former State St. Thrift & Vintage, which has sadly been gone for a while now. We are currently working hard to get the space functioning as our new online shop headquarters. Once our new headquarters has been established, we will begin transforming the front two rooms of the space into a brick & mortar retail shop, where not only our own products but others made by fellow illustrators and creative small brands will be available for sale!

Our old space, where many a head was bumped, and box labyrinth navigated...

I am so excited about this next step. We have been quickly outgrowing every small, home-based studio we've occupied, even as they have progressively gotten larger with each move. It became clear this holiday season, as our porch, hallway, staircase, and fulfillment space became so packed with boxes that it was difficult to maneuver, that a change was necessary. Having more physical space, will allow my business to grow and breathe much more organically than has been possible thus far. We will be able to store and stock more merchandise, which means things won't sell out as quickly. AND, we will finally be able to offer local pickups for folks who live close by. We are aiming to re-open the online store in full, functioning out of the new space, in early February. We are currently aiming to open the retail space in late Spring, though that is not set in stone.


-Craft Calendars are SOLD OUT. Thank you everyone who bought one, and I'm sorry to those who weren't able to grab one in time! 

-We are expecting to get a few more 2019 Tea Towel calendars in stock, and will list them in the online shop when we receive them. 

-Trays are currently en route from the manufacturer in Sweden, and are expected to arrive late this week. We will be shipping all the tray pre-orders out on Friday 1/11 and Monday 1/14.

-Items we WILL have in stock when we return with full inventory: Meadow Kettles & mugs, Gnomes & Night Owl mugs, SUNSHINE blankets, BLOOM blankets, trays, prints & more!


And finally, I want to say thank you. Thank you for the outpouring of support that continues to allow my business to grow and thrive. Together you make it possible for me to create art. Art that adorns your walls and sofas, art that you can make a fort out of, or drink your tea from. Art that brightens the homes and lives of people around the world. I am humbled to have the privilege to do this work. As the new year begins, I am grateful to be supported by such a positive, enthusiastic community of customers and admirers. Thank you. May 2019 bring love, joy & justice into your life & communities.




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    my grand daughter and I are potters although both of us do mainly slab work…she and her beautiful hands do wonders with a blob of clay.. Anyway, for Easter she gave me a lovely card you made… a lady potter on the wheel and a little girl standing on a chair forming something from a slab…She labeled herself (Aspen) and the lady (Grannie). Just wanted to let you know how talented you are and how I so loved your hand made card….we are traveling to N.E Wa inJuly and will be going from there down to Sequim…I would love to see your and your new shop… Thanks so much for the beautiful card….

  • Erin on

    Hello & Happy New Year! Very excited for you and your new space! Cheers to continued growth! I would LOVE a set of the Meadow Kettle & Mug. Is there a way to pre-order or get a heads up of when I can order? I always seem to miss it, and they sell out so fast!

    Thanks so much for all that you do and all that you are ❤️


  • Ali on

    Will the SUNSHINE pillows also be in stock?

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