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Hi Folks--

Well, I spoke too soon. Unfortunately, I need to push the mug release date back. They will now go live in the shop on Saturday, OCTOBER 14th at 9am PST. 

This is because the mugs are taking longer to arrive than I anticipated (I'm an eager beaver, what can I say), and we're also waiting on a shipment of packaging materials. Plus, once the mugs arrive, we hand check each one to sort out the seconds and get an accurate inventory count, which takes a while (800 mugs, two people, you do the math...!) 

I know this is a whole two weeks later, and I'm so sorry for the confusion and disappointment this may cause. BUT, by giving US more time to receive and process the mugs, we are speeding up and smoothing out the overall process IMMENSELY. As a result of waiting longer upfront, you won't have to wait as long for your mug to ship. They will begin shipping that week. (Though of course, it will take us a while to get through all the orders, so we thank you in advance for your patience!) 

So sorry again for the false alarm! Thank you so much for your ongoing support & enthusiasm! 



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