bellingham brick & mortar shop

Hello everyone! 

As some of you may know, we have been working hard preparing to open a brick & mortar retail shop in Bellingham, WA this spring/summer.

Today I am excited to officially announce the launch date and name of my new shop:

PHOEBE BIRD, opening June 7th, 2019 at our headquarters, 1051 N. State St. in Bellingham, WA. 

Phoebe Bird will be a small retail shop selling home goods, gifts and MORE designed by Phoebe Wahl and other small scale, mostly artist run brands. 

In early June, we will also be changing our online store branding to reflect that of Phoebe Bird, so that our online & physical shops make a cohesive pair. Our new domain, which now redirects to phoebewahlshop.com, will be www.phoebebird.shop. Our old domain will remain in working order and redirect to Phoebe Bird once we make the switch. Our online store will continue to only stock Phoebe Wahl's products, other brands will only be available at our Bellingham, WA brick & mortar location. Our new logo is below!


Why "Phoebe Bird?" When I first had the idea for a brick & mortar shop, the idea of a location sharing my name felt strange. I began to brainstorm a name that both held name recognition, as well as feeling inclusive of other brands. I am named after the Say's Phoebe bird , a species of flycatcher native to the Western US. My parents, while pregnant with me, spotted a Say's Phoebe on a hike, a rare occurrence for a bird that is usually only found on the East side of Washington, which immediately settled what my name should be. The motif of birds has been present throughout my work for almost as long as I can remember, developed no doubt by a family love of birding (my grandfather, Terry Wahl is a published ornithologist, I spent many a year participating in the annual Christmas Bird Count of Whatcom County.) This Christmas a friend commented on a carved wooden ornament of a Phoebe bird hanging on my tree, and immediately, the name stuck in my brain as feeling right. It is one I've used before, the devoted fans among you will recognize it from my Tumblr days, as the name of my inspiration blog. The name's feeling of right-ness has only grown. It feels like a name that both comfortably references my own name and brand, and allows space for the inclusion of products other than my own. 

Phoebe Bird's location, 1051 N. State St., right next to Pepper Sisters restaurant. It is currently open by appointment only for online order pickups. 


We will be hosting a grand opening party for Downtown Art Walk from 7-10pm on June 7th. Details are TBA, but mark your calendars! I am so excited to share this new iteration of my art with all of you. 

Thank you so much for all of your support during this exciting transition!






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