Shop reopening + changes afoot..!

Hello all,
I am so excited to announce that the online shop will be re-opening
this SATURDAY, February 1st 2020 at 9am PST.

We will have 2020 calendars IN-STOCK when we re-open,
AND, many items will on SALE!
Thank you so much for your patience while we took some time to get organized behind the scenes in preparation to re-open. Part of the reason it took us a while, is that there are changes afoot.... read more below!
The past 7 years of running this business have been a whirlwind of growth. Every year I’ve expanded what I’ve offered and improved with the quality and quantities of the products I create. My online shop has flourished and grown in a way that I never could have dreamed of, and honestly, never intended. It was only ever meant be a side job. And the fact that it has become much more than that, has been an incredible and exciting surprise. But it’s also come with a lot of challenges.
Because I never entered this game as a businessperson, everything I’ve learned about running a business has been out of necessity. There has been a lot of slap-dash, haphazard, figure-it-out-as-I-go experiential learning. Which I don’t want to devalue-- it has gotten me to where I am, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But the creative side of the business will always be what I care most about, there are so many aspects of running a business that have been neglected, or were never structured properly to begin with. I have so many exciting irons in the fire! But as they've grow in number, my capacity to tend to each one as attentively, and intentionally as I'd like, has waned. 

I do want to acknowledge my incredible employees, Soleil, Rae, and Madi. Things quite literally, could not function without them and all of the creativity and organization they bring to the table. I am so grateful for them every day. But even with so much wonderful, capable help, there is management, facilitation and decision making that can only fall to me as the employer. And if I’m not working at peak functionally—they can’t either. 
All of this is to say, that this year, I have decided to do things a little differently.

I have begun restructuring the way that my business runs. I am working together with my employees and a team of experienced professionals with skills that complement and go beyond my own. Together we will be improving the way things function behind the scenes, as well as streamlining the customer experience on our website. There is SO much to be tinkered with.
As a result of this restructuring, I am going to be making less products. For now.

Rather than pushing myself to come out with many new items throughout the year, I am instead going to be hunkering down and working on creating more cohesive collections of products to be released in Fall 2020 and beyond. This slow-down in the short term, will result in higher quality, more well-considered products, packaging, and branding in the long term, as well as improved functionality for both retail and wholesale customers.
As I mentioned above, our online shop as it exists now, will re-open on February 1st, 2020. We will keep it open for at least a month to liquidate old and outdated stock and get time sensitive products like 2020 calendars shipped out ASAP. We will then be closing the current online shop and implementing design and functional changes behind the scenes.
Our grand re-launch date of the new-and-improved online store and brand is TBA. Please stay tuned on our social media and email newsletter for updates!
Thank you so, so much for the last 7 years of business. Your enthusiastic support has allowed my art practice and brand to flourish and grow on a level I never could have imagined. I am so excited and ready to be taking these next steps to improve both your customer experience, and my business-ownership experience too!
With love & gratitude,

photos copyright Dejah Griffin 2019

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    Hi Phoebe, I am an SCBWI member and I just read your bulletin article on the need for body-positive kids books. After looking through your website and reading about your journey, I just wanted to send you a note of encouragement. Your work is beautiful and I look forward to seeing all of your new items and branding. My wife and I opened a bakeshop in 2018 and although we have a solid business plan and are actually profitable, I understand what you are saying about all the different irons that need tending. Take good care and good luck. —Best Regards, Lucky Jo (Carpenter & illustrator) www. The

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