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Alright Mug Monsters,

since opening the shop on Friday we've been fielding MANY questions about WHEN exactly the new Night Owls and Gnomes* mugs will arrive. 

*The Gnomes mug will be available in both kids (7cm) and adult (9cm) sizes.

The official answer, is that...I don't know. The lead time for mugs to be made is long. And I don't usually get a sense of exactly when they'll be done until they're done.

I'm tentatively planning on mugs hitting the shop around October 1st, 2017. But don't hold me to that date, because an official set in stone date is TBD once the mugs are in hand. 

Q: missed out the last time you had mugs, would you consider pre-selling them so people have a fairer shake? 

A: Whether you're buying them now or when they arrive, it will be competitive because I can only order finite amounts. As my system exists, pre-selling them doesn't necessarily mean it will be any easier for you to snag a mug. I think the implication here, is that if I pre-sell, I can sell infinite amounts of mugs so that everyone can get one, THEN I place my order with the manufacturer for as many mugs pre-sold and more. The reality, is that this would mean YOU waiting around 3 months or more for your mug. It would also mean more work for us once the mugs arrived, since keeping the inventory limited keeps our work more manageable. BUT, of course, if the demand is high enough, it could be worth that extra time. 

If you would be FINE with waiting, please let me know in the poll below. (UPDATE: POLL DISABLED) If enough people say yes, then I'll consider it for future mug projects. But for now, the most physically/financially/emotionally possible decision feels like continuing down the road I've been treading, by bumping up my order quantities every time I create a new design, as much as financially possible. I will have MORE Night Owl & Gnomes mugs than I've ever had of previous designs. This doesn't mean they won't go fast, but hopefully they'll go a little further. 

My shop has grown so much since I first started, as have my practices and processes surrounding ordering merchandise and fulfilling orders. It isn't perfect yet, and it probably never will be. I'm totally open to hearing ideas about how to make things work better for all of us. I welcome your ideas, thoughts & feedback! 

Also, to clear up a general mug question: I will NOT be restocking either Flower Maidens or Fruit & Flower mugs any time soon. I may reprint them someday, but for now, they've been archived while I move on to more new exciting designs. 

As always, thank you so much for your enthusiasm & support. Please stay tuned on my social media, as well as here, for more announcements about the mugs' arrival! 







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  • Angela on

    I’ll definitely try to snag an adult gnome mug and 2 kid gnome mugs!!!

  • Cat on

    Don’t see a poll (maybe a mobile issue?) but yes preorder and wait is ok w me! I hope to get kids versions of these!!!

  • Allison on

    I would pay and wait fir mugs. I don’t see where the poll is.

  • Tiffany on

    Hi, you’ve mentioned a possible mug sized for children, which would be amazing… any updates?

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