MEADOW enamel kettle
MEADOW enamel kettle
MEADOW enamel kettle
MEADOW enamel kettle

MEADOW enamel kettle

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As a little holiday surprise for all of you, we have decided to release a limited number of our NEW enamel kettles! We do not yet have our full stock, so we will be releasing the second batch into the shop in the New Year when we receive the rest of our inventory. If you would like to purchase both the Meadow Kettle and a Meadow Mug, use the code MEADOWSET at checkout to receive 10% off. 


  • The pots are 9" high, and the are 3.75" wide at the top. They hold 6 cups (48 fl. ounces). 
  • Like the mugs they are dishwasher and stovetop safe. Please note they will get HOT if you're using them on a stovetop or filling them with hot water. Please use mitts or potholders accordingly.
  • As with all our enamelware, they are handmade objects. This means they are not perfect. Small bubbles, bumps and spots are par for the course.
  • Enamelware is created by glazing welded steel forms in porcelain glazes, and decorated with porcelain decals that are fired on. To learn more about our manufacturer's process, click here. 

If you order multiple items along with your kettle, the kettle will ship separately because of it's shape and size. We will split up your items by what we can ship together. This will not cost you any extra in shipping. 

Made in Poland, shipped from Bellingham, WA. 

If you would like to avoid shipping costs and want to pick up your order in person use discount code LOCALPICKUP at check out and shoot us an email at



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